A Day Spa experience is the perfect opportunity to truly unwind and relax, and to allow the body to undergo a process of rejuvenation that cannot be beaten! The treatment works by the client comfortably lying in the Soft-Pack® system, relaxing in a state of near-weightlessness. The body is wrapped in a film, which stops the client from coming into contact with water while the applied algae, mud, or specially selected creams are penetrating the skin and working their wonders. As the water gently pressures the body, the active ingredients will be absorbed up to ten times more effectively than they would otherwise.

Some clients may wish to experience the soothing relaxation of the Soft-Pack® system fully-clothed, and without the use of any special skin care products. The dual effect of the weightlessness and the rising temperature will unwind the muscles, and soothe issues such as rheumatism. One of the most popular aspects of the Soft-Pack® treatment is the process can be customised and tailored to the client’s wishes, and a unique combination of ingredients can be selected for specific complaints or health issues. No matter what is ailing you, your practitioner will be able to put together a Day Spa treatment that’s especially for you!


Soft Pack Body Therapy

The soft pack is the ultimate enveloping relaxation experience accompanied by our wonderful body treatments. It creates the sensation of weightlessness while surrounding you with a gentle heat. Enjoy the de-stressing effect of no pressure points on the body, thus increasing the therapeutic benefits. It is an experience like no other.

Price £100.00


Thalasso Mare Purification Wrap     

Detoxifying, removing excess water, purifying, stimulates blood circulation, stimulates the cell metabolism, guarantees a toned and smooth complexion. 
The included coral chalk promotes the removal of toxins.
Smells like a “fresh ocean breeze”



A fresh juice is laden with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, chlorophyll and countless other phytonutrients, which working together enhances our bodies’ immunity and protects us against illness and disease. Fresh juice is rich in antioxidants that fight the free radicals which contribute to cancer, heart disease and ageing.



Supplements can play a key role in improving your body’s ability to stay healthy and perform well. By fueling your body with supplements and proper nutrition, you can increase your body’s ability to function optimally. Some supplements, like ProArgi-9+ help strengthen the body’s immune and nervous systems, as well as improve cardiovascular function.

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