Snoring Treatments

Snoring is the result of the relaxation of the uvula and soft palate. These tissues can relax enough to partially block the airway, resulting in irregular airflow and vibrations. The Common causes of snoring are age, out of shape or overweight, nasal and sinus problems, alcohol, smoking and medication and sleep posture.

The goal of the treatment is to strengthen the structure of the soft palate and uvula.

Married Couples Sleep in Separate Beds

Fast 10 minutes treatment

No local anesthesia needed

No downtime for the patient

Lunchtime treatment

The treatment is painless with quick results.

Happy Clients

One happy customer is Lee Hall, 51, from Maidenhead in Berkshire, who was encouraged to try Somnilase two months ago by his wife.

The married father-of-two has snored throughout their 20 years of marriage and often wakes Deborah, also 51, several times a night.

‘It was extremely bad,’ says Lee, a building company director.

‘She’d try to turn me over, but if that didn’t work, she’d end up in the spare bedroom.’

Lee has so far had two treatments. ‘After the first treatment, I woke up the next day and I felt like I could breathe like I’ve never breathed before,’ he says.

‘It felt like my mouth was about ten times the size. I had my second treatment earlier this week and I’m yet to snore. This will make a huge difference to my life.’


Snoring Price per treatment £700.00