Juliet, the fast, painless, hormone-free laser treatment for gynecological health that changed the lives of thousands of women, here is the story of one of our patients.

Has anyone else made huge changes to their work-life balance recently? I have, with yesterday being one of those, ‘this is exactly why I made the changes’ moments’…
I met incredibly courageous women who 10 years ago was diagnosed with breast cancer. Figures from the World Cancer Research Fund show there were 2million new cases in 2018. I think all of us would find it difficult to say we have not known someone with cancer or have lost someone to cancer. 
You may be reading this now and have had a recent diagnosis of cancer. Technology and research continue to improve with greater recovery rates being recorded and increased effectiveness of cancer management which is brilliant. 
That said, there can still be symptoms around ‘urgency’ and running to the loo which women can experience without having had cancer which they quite literally ‘put up with’. There is a reason a well-known company is running a massive tv advertising campaign around incontinence. From what I am seeing it is mostly because women do not know there could be alternatives. This was exactly what happened to the lady I was meeting and the fact it affects so many women. Let’s be honest, it’s not the most popular conversation starter!

We met in London at a clinic that was hosting a presentation and masterclass sharing knowledge about technology. She was having treatment with the Juliet laser. Cutting edge technology & hormone-free treatments which help women with gynecological health issues. I was taking care of her and we spoke for about 15 minutes pre-procedure and re-established if there had been any changes since her first treatment. 
Her outlook was completely infectious and she could not say enough about how grateful she had been to have found out about the treatment and how she had been shouting from the rooftops about it. Following her all-clear from the cancer diagnosis, Tamoxifen was prescribed. The slight discomfort and ‘urgency’ to go for a pee seemed nothing more than an irritation being a survivor of cancer. Her gynecologist knew of the ‘Juliet laser’ treatments and recommended she have her first treatment 18 months ago.. 

Whilst we talked it was obvious to see how happy and healthy this bright, bubbly, woman was. You would never have suspected this woman who has four children had gone through the journey she has. She was completely honest and authentic about everything that she had endured through her treatments. Yesterdays treatment was for her simply something which she now had included in her lifestyle due to the health benefits she had experienced.
As she told me, “Shirley, honestly after the first treatment I felt an immediate difference. The symptoms I had experienced just stopped. I was in the clinic not longer than 30 minutes, then straight home and it felt no more uncomfortable than having a smear” 
We talked a short while before she left to get on with her day and get home. I felt complete admiration and humbled by her resolve and attitude and the feeling that settles when you feel you are part of something which is making a huge impact on people’s health and wellbeing. 
As we said our goodbyes, the ‘Am I doing the right thing?’ faded into that clarity and thankfulness of knowing that I was.

Shirley Emilio Registered Nurse

Juliet laser treatment is a gentle solution to rejuvenate your femininity. Fast, painless and safe, with no downtime and no need for anesthesia.

Happy family mother and baby son in a meadow yellow flowers on nature in summer

Childbirth (especially natural) and menopause are just two examples of events that cause a change in the intimate area and vaginal environment, each of them accompanied by different disorders.

Many women who experience unpleasant symptoms such as genital itching, irritation, poor vaginal lubrication, vaginal dryness, and even pain during intercourse (dyspareunia) do not like to talk about these issues, sometimes not even with their gynecologist. They can be ashamed and think that they are the only ones going through these issues.
In fact, all of these symptoms are quite common in women of different ages and tend to worsen over time. That means that they are not temporary and they are not going to disappear if not treated.

Until recently, all these conditions were considered to be a consequence of the inevitable aging process of the woman, and treatment was undergone only in very rare cases. Today, an increasing number of women are becoming aware of the possibility to improve the tone and functionality of that particular area, and consequently their quality of life, with minimally invasive procedures, such as the Juliet treatment

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