Mesotherapy & Peels Training

Mesotherapy training course is intended for aestheticians, beauty therapists, nurses, nurse practitioners, doctors, dentists intending to use Mesotherapy to perform treatments in cosmetic skin therapy. It is also suitable for healthcare professionals wishing to understand the safety and compliance necessary for the use of devices and Free hand. The aim, of this learning programme is to provide you with the basic knowledge about Mesotherapy and core principles and to learn in a supportive enviroment.

This is an accumulation of over 20 years experience, my passion for skincare and skin therapy science and being extremely fortunate working with leading professionals and renowned names in the industry. In this case working directly, being trained by and hosting training events and Masterclasses with Dr Britta Knoll who was mentored by the originator/creator himself Dr Michel Pistor. This course will support you in offering “best practice” to your patients or clients in a knowledgeable, safe and effective manner.

Upon completion, you will receive a professional certificate. This can be used as evidence towards your learning.
This course is designed to provide approximately 60 hours of training at Level 4 for therapists and healthcare professionals.

Mesotherapy Training

Mesotherapy, is a safe, natural and non-invasive restorative cosmetic treatment which is the perfect way to restore cracked, dried and dull skin to its optimal health and moisture levels. Mesotherapy takes place utilising micro needling to the epidermis, a process which allows for proper delivery of nutrients to the dermal layer, the place where cellular interaction takes place.

 By reaching this level, mesotherapy effectively rejuvenates and transforms the skin, increasing elasticity, promoting the production of collagen and strengthening elastin fibres. Mesotherapy is so effective at promoting diverse positive health outcomes, it will even support the metabolism allowing the entire physical system to work more appropriately and efficiently to process nutrients and utilise energy.

The very fine needle used to precisely pierce the skin to the proper depth is the key to mesotherapy. Though this process is non-invasive and absolutely safe, it nonetheless is a procedure, like any advanced therapeutic modality, that you will want to seek out from an experienced practitioner. As a result, only those with the required qualifications and who have undertaken coursework and practical training should be administering mesotherapy treatments.

Mesotherapy Accredited Course Level 4, 6 and 7

Mesotherapy Accredited Hair Loss Manangement Level 4, 6 and 7

Course Director

I have trained mesotherapy and peels for a decade, working in the Aesthetic and Skincare industry for more than 20 years.

Decades of experience helping you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

You learn the skills to be able to offer amazing results which will be reflected in your income.

Hope to meet you soon Eddy.

1- Mesotherapy Accredited Course Level 4

2 – Mesotherapy Accredited Hair Loss Manangement Level 4

3 – Skin Peels Accredited Level 4

1Mesotherapy Accredited Course Level 4 | 2 Days £1200
2Mesotherapy Accredited Course Level 6 60 CPD points£1200
3Mesotherapy Accredited Course Level 7 60 CPD points£1500
4Mesotherapy Refresher 1/2 Day£450
5Mesotherapy Accredited Hair Loss Manangement Level 4 £750
6Mesotherapy Accredited Hair Loss Manangement Level 7 60 CPD points£1000
7Skin Peels Base Unit Course Level 4 £750
8Skin Peels Base Unit Course Level 6 60 CPD points£750
9Skin Peels Base Unit (Refresher) 1/2 Day£400
1030 minute one to one consultation through Zoom£99
11CPD Certification£90 +VAT

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The training programme has been written and mapped against the National Qualification Credit Framework (NQCF) at Level 4 through to Level 7 and are externally accredited via The CPD Accreditation Group.  The Wynyard Aesthetics Academy LLP programmes are ‘overseen’ by the City of London Dental School who act as a critical friend and provide scrutiny.

Each programme has an allocation of credits, which are based on 1 credit for each single hour of learning, programme carry credit value from 60 to 360 and at the appropriate level.

Learning is delivered primarily on a face-to-face basis for theoretical and practical input with elements of research and self managed learning to complete written assignments and or exams, with the submission of case studies completing the learning cycle.  Students also have the opportunity for self-reflection to further develop skills, knowledge and understanding.

The Wynyard Aesthetic Academy LLP, is registered as a UK Learning Provider (Reference No: 10065994) registered with the Education and Skills Funding Agency Learning Records Service (Reference No: 138722) and is a Training Qualification UK Centre registered with the CPD Accreditation Group (Reference No 776744) to deliver accredited training programmes.

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