Eight Immune-Boosting
Tips for Wellness at Home

The world is changing fast. While we wait in this somewhat COVID-19 frustrating transition period, it’s time to ensure that each and every one of us is taking on board the importance of self-care and guaranteeing that we’ll come out of the other end refreshed, renewed, and rejuvenated.

Let’s make one thing crystal clear: self-care doesn’t have to mean involving oneself in spiralling moments of mindfulness, complete with mountains of candles and patchouli joss sticks (although, if that’s your thing, who are we to stop you?) but rather the introduction into your life a set of positive and affirming rituals.

As we move onwards through uncertain times, it is such rituals that will help bring not only stability to our lives, but also opportunities for moments of bliss and self love. You, your health, and your overall wellbeing are of paramount importance… and possessing the skills and abilities to take the greatest care of yourself is going to be key to getting through this period, and any difficult periods which may come in the future.

With this in mind, we’ve put together eight important tips and approaches to self-care which won’t just bring joy and relaxation to each and every day, they’ll also reduce those cortisone levels and stress hormones, ensuring your youthfulness, beauty, and resilience remain in tip-top condition. Healthy, radiant skin arises from inner beauty and happiness, remember, and by taking just a few minutes out of your routine to indulge in these self-care rituals can make a lasting and noticeable difference.

Keep Moving, Stay Nourished

Movement is the best medicine – there’s a huge amount of truth in this statement, and we all know just how run-down and frustrated we can feel when we’ve been stuck indoors all day with little to do, having neglected our need for movement and exercise. It’s really important to attune your mind to what your body needs, and to ensure that (even if just for 20 minutes or so per day) you remain active, moving, and experiencing the nourishment and difference such actions can produce.

Whether you want to carry out a series of yoga asanas on a mat in your living room, fancy leaping into a high-intensity aerobic workout, or have the ability to head out into a local park or forest for a leisurely walk, cycle, or jog, movement quickly releases physical tension and stress. Light exercise is essential for overall good health, and it keeps the blood pumping all around your body – something which can bring about fantastic benefits for skin health, radiance, and rejuvenation, too.

Eat a Varied, Healthy Diet

Your body is a miraculous machine, capable of amazing things. However, it requires the right sort of fuel. Health, vitality, and beauty have a huge amount to do with what you’re eating, and if you’re putting unhealthy food with not enough nutritional value into your body, you can’t expect optimal results.

Be sure to eat a varied diet, packed full of vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables, Omega-3 rich oily fish, grains, and seeds, and occasional organic meats from which you can take your proteins and precious minerals such as selenium, which help with skin healing and radiance. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to something not-entirely-healthy every once in a while, but make sure that you’re eating fresh, and eating well. Your skin, your body, and your mind will all thank you for it!

Focus on Breathing

Breathing, and focusing on and following your breath, is one of the most potent and powerful tools we have at our disposal when it comes to rebalancing and improving our wellness. Simply put, by deeply and purposefully breathing, we flood our brain with messages to remain calm, to relax, and to nourish every component of our body, and with even simple deep breathing techniques, we can easily restore feelings of well-being on command.
Try this easy technique at least once per day, and invite the restorative power of breathing into your ritual. Just lie comfortably on the floor, with a pillow beneath your head or knees to offer support. Place one hand on your heart, and the other across your stomach. Take deep, purposeful and slow breaths, and feel the breath fill your lungs before holding, exhaling, and repeating. After three to five minutes of this basic technique, you should start feeling deeply relaxed and at ease, and your skin will thank you for the increased oxygen and the drop in your stress hormones that lead to

Embrace the Power of Rest

Self-care is often all about setting an intention for acceptance, and refusing to feel uncomfortable or guilty for giving the body and mind what they’re calling out for. In today’s increasingly dynamic and hectic world, it can be incredibly difficult to just let go and do very little, allowing the body and mind to recalibrate, reset, and re-energise.
In these uncertain times, letting go and doing relatively very little isn’t just something to tolerate as we wait for the world to return to normality… it’s perfectly healthy, and has the potential to bring youthfulness and radiance back to your skin. Enjoy being able to get your full eight hours of sleep per night, take your time in indulging in a slow, relaxing, and purposeful breakfast instead of rushing off to work while trying to get your morning coffee, and allow for as much ‘me-time’ as you need and deserve.

Make Your Voice Heard

Few actions affect your body and mind quite as positively as singing. Even if you only sing in the shower (and let’s face it, everybody sounds fantastic when singing a favourite song in the bathroom!) it’s a superb way to focus on your breathing, release some pent-up energy, and raise those endorphins and happy hormones that bring about remarkable healing on a microscopic-yet-significant level.

If you find that singing works well for your mood and sense of well-being, you may well want to look into chanting and meditative forms which involve mantras and songs.

Experiment with Self-Massage
You don’t need to visit a spa to benefit from the healing and restorative power of massage. Self-massage, that is, focusing on different body parts with your hands and a quality bottle of potent massage oil, is a wonderful way to realign your energies, relax, and enjoy some blissful indulgence and self-care.

When self-massaging, be sure to work your way up your body, starting with your toes and feet and moving along every muscle and joint you can manipulate with your hands and fingers. Repeat positive affirmations as you do so, imbuing your whole body with self-love and gratitude for the wonderful feelings and sensations it can produce.

Meditation is the Key

If you’ve never delved into the myriad worlds of meditation, you’ve been missing out on a daily ritual capable of producing remarkable and enduring effects. There’s a reason why meditation has played a central role in no shortage of cultures for thousands upon thousands of years: those blissful moments of inner peace and quietude to the mind and body, and in an age when stress and anxiety have become the new norm, this has never been more important to introduce.

There are so many forms and approaches to meditation, and somewhere out there is the perfect match for you and your needs right now. With a little bit of research, a little perseverence, and a little experimentation, you’ll find the ideal way to quieten your mind and focus your attention inwards. These stolen moments of peace and self-care, when brought into your daily ritual and repeated regularly, have the potential to completely transform the way you see yourself and approach life in general. What’s more, the deep breathing and reduction in stress that meditation can bring about is also proven to work wonders for rejuvenating the skin… as if you needed any more encouragement!

Show Your Gratitude

At least once per day, place your hand on your heart, close your eyes, and give voice to all the things you feel thankful for. Expressing gratitude is a simple yet enormously effective way to release negativity and invite positivity into your life… and that’s never a bad thing. This is all part of living a little more mindfully – that is, being aware of where we are, why we’re here, and finding that stillness and calm within ourselves which reduces damaging stress hormones which lead to anxiety, breakouts, and aging of the skin.

New Approaches to Wellness for  Difficult Times

During these uncertain times, self-care and indulgence has never been more important, nor has it ever had such potential to bring about positive change.

Your body relies on balance and consistency, and it’s so easy to fall into destructive and stressful patterns in a world where nothing seems certain, and more bad news seems to come on a daily basis. Taking care of yourself is a key aspect of your wellness routine, and all of the above tips won’t just help you destress, they’ll also help your skin look at its best, and keep your immune system in tip-top condition. Give it a try, and see for yourself!

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