Hair Loss Level 7 Mesotherapy

1 student

Mesotherapy Accredited Course Level 7 is intended for nurses, nurse practitioners, doctors, dentists intending to use Mesotherapy to perform treatments in cosmetic skin therapy. It is also suitable for healthcare professionals wishing to understand the safety and compliance necessary for the use of devices and Free hand. The aim, of this learning programme is to provide you with the basic knowledge about Mesotherapy and core principles.


Would you like to feel super confident and like the woman you used to be before your menopause, with a greater quality of life? Are you experiencing stress and urinary incontinence after childbirth, maybe lack of sexual pleasure, prolapses and loss of elasticity and tone? Do you want to improve the quality of your skin? Are wrinkles and fine lines bothering you? Have you acne scarring, sun damaged skin which makes you look older? Do you want to improve skin tone, have fresher, brighter skin? If SO SSV Laser Clinic can HELP!

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