Client Reviews

Fabulous review in Glamour I tried the latest Cool Laser treatment and I’m not surprised it’s so loved by Hollywood stars

The Hype

It’s the non-invasive treatment the Kardashians apparently swear by, and now it has landed in the UK. From fine-lines and pigmentation to age spots and acne.

“My sexual life has completely changed since I have entered the menopause. Intimacy has become a moment of embarrassment and sometimes pain instead of a moment of joy. It was really hard for me to accept that my sexual life was over. A friend of mine advised me to try Juliet and I can only say thank you to her and to the gynecologist that performed the treatment. In few minutes, my life changed, now I feel again the women I used to be before the menopause.”


“I underwent the treatment because I was advised to by my gynecologist. My sexual life was not satisfying anymore and I couldn‘t accept that. The effects were immediately visible for me and improved over time. One month after the treatment I‘m still noticing continuous improvements in tightness. It‘s a huge difference, I feel like I‘m 18 again down there, which is great.”


Cool Laser Treatment

The best medical aesthetic laser in the market, improving skin concerns, womans health and snoring.