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The SSV Beauty & Aesthetic Clinic Lingfield is led by Shirley a Registered Nurse with over 20 years extensive experience in health, skincare, bowel and urinary management. The team of talented professionals have a wide range of skills and experience. Our discreet, professional, and personal service allows us to help our clients with either their skincare needs, health and wellness or snoring issues. We look forward to meeting you and extend a very warm welcome to the clinic.


The Cool Laser treatments are incredibly impressive as we are improving the quality and texture of the skin on a level that injectables do not touch. Fillers and lifting can contour the face yet the first thing people notice is skin texture. Also we must mention how quickly the treatments can be done with no downtime, perfect for busy people who are running to the beat of their daily diaries! The biggest attraction was the pain-free aspect which we cannot impress enough on anyone looking to invest in their health and appearance. We all want to look and feel amazing and the team at Aesthetic Clinic Lingfield have the possibility to help. This advanced technology due to the different handsets treats snoring, all skincare concerns and women intimate health.

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“I was amazed with the results from Cool Laser; my skin was noticeably fresher and younger”
“I was overjoyed with the results and how quickly my acne scaring started to improve”

Life Changing

» My sexual life has completely changed sin- ce I have entered the menopause. Intimacy has become a moment of embarrass and sometimes pain instead of a moment of joy. Keep Reading

Feeling Sexy

» I underwent the treatment because I was advised to by my gynecologist. My sexual life was not satisfying anymore and I couldn‘t ac- cept it. Keep Reading

Why Now? Why Not!

Having experienced how straight forward the procedures are, anyone can experience the results and how they can improve your complete approach to your health, wellness and skincare. Helping our clients is at the heart of what we do and what I enjoy. The treatments have improved my skin due to sun damage and pigmentation. As a Registered Nurse caring and helping our clients is what was most important to me. Improved wellness, looks, psychologically or complete holistic health on any scale is incredibly valuable. With the advancements in technology it makes everything about these exceptional treatments very appealing with no downtime! At the Aesthetic Clinic Lingfield we can work around your schedule to help you attain the results you want to achieve.